4 Proven Strategies for a More Collaborativ Workplace

April 04, 2024, 07:04

Deep learning gives advertisers more time to focus on new challenges, more chances to think up new ideas, and more ways to grow their business. Cognitiv’s recent brand campaign highlights the incredible outcomes possible when you “reclaim your brain.” Many of the outcomes showcased, such as Invention, Collaboration, Reflection, Transformation, and Inclusion are also part of the fabric of our brand values. In this series, we look inward, with team leaders highlighting how these words and outcomes are brought to life within our own walls.

In today’s connected world, collaboration stands tall as the cornerstone of success for any forward-thinking organization. The ability to work together effectively leads to innovation, increased productivity, and a better working environment. 

Fostering collaboration requires intentional effort and implementing strategies tailored to encourage cooperation and communication across an entire team. 

Here are four proven strategies for nurturing collaboration within your organization:

1. Forge Open Communication Channels

Effective collaboration thrives on open communication, and open communication starts from the top down. At Cognitiv, our founders embody accessibility, fostering an environment where dialogue flows freely. It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to walk up to our CEO’s desk and ask him a question or chat about your weekend. Whether it’s through regular team meetings, brainstorming sessions, or leveraging collaborative tools, creating avenues for open communication ensures every voice resonates and contributes meaningfully.

2. Facilitate Team-Building Activities

Team-building activities are designed to bring team members together, strengthen relationships, and build a sense of unity. 

If your organization has multiple locations, like ours, consider hosting live events to bridge those geographical divides and foster cross-office synergy. At Cognitiv, our bi-annual “All Hands” meetings encourage inter-team mingling and collaboration through innovative engagement initiatives – like our monthly  “house competitions” and annual scavenger hunt

I highly recommend hosting unique events that get people talking and make people want to step out of the office, and get to know each other better – like going to the theater, trivia, or a pickleball tournament. 

3. Create Collaborative Spaces & Encourage Interdepartmental Teamwork 

Our goal is to ensure that our team members feel empowered to voice their ideas, elevating ideas and efforts to new heights. 

Another way to encourage interdepartmental teamwork lies within the physical office space. At Cognitiv, our hybrid work model, which is set to be in-office Monday – Wednesday and remote Thursday – Friday, combined with our open floor layout, serves as a fantastic avenue for uniting team members and igniting creativity.  Many companies have a certain number of days to be in the office rather than a set schedule, which seems not to have a true purpose. Having employees in the office on the same days during a hybrid work schedule allows for collaboration, which is the real reason we want to bring the team together in person. 

4. Peer Recognition 

Genuine appreciation fuels collaboration, and you don’t necessarily need formal peer recognition “programs” per se. The most meaningful way to recognize your peers is to foster a culture of recognizing the people who have stepped up and helped you out in a public and live setting—like a company-wide meeting or the #general Slack channel. 

At Cognitiv, we constantly give organic shoutouts, especially to those outside our smaller team and those behind the scenes. It has become a workplace where wins are never attributed to just one individual. Our wins are shared and subsequently celebrated. 

Another important thing to note is how important it is to give recognition to those working behind the scenes. This should be way more common in the workplace but oftentimes is forgotten. 

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