Cognitiv Curation: Empowering Marketers with AI-Driven Precision and Cost-Effective Results

June 26, 2023, 03:06

Navigating the complex landscape of marketing in the face of economic uncertainty and inflation has become a challenging task for marketers. These difficulties are further compounded by the tightening of privacy parameters impacting digital advertising. As a result, marketers are actively seeking cost-effective solutions that can help them achieve their goals within tighter budgets. This is where Cognitiv Curation comes into play. 

Having joined Cognitiv two years ago, I have witnessed firsthand the company’s growth and dedication to leveraging AI advancements in marketing. As the Senior Manager of Client Success, my role is to ensure that our clients receive tailored products and services that cater to their businesses. Curation is a distinctive offering that excels in this particular aspect.

Curation leverages custom deep learning algorithms within a brand’s own DSP through a groundbreaking utilization of Dynamic Deals. By using the client’s first-party data, we train a custom deep learning algorithm uniquely tailored to our client’s specific needs. This enables autonomous optimization of media spend, efficiently achieving their KPIs. Think of it as a hands-off media trading experience, powered by the latest advancements in AI. 

The heart of Curation lies in its ability to evaluate bid requests in real time and accurately predict the probability of conversion. If our deep learning model determines that an ad opportunity will likely convert, it labels it and sends it to the client’s designated DSP. This seamless process allows us to gauge the value of a user and send the optimal bid request to the client. By doing so, Curation uncovers new qualified customers and high-value prospects at scale. This scalability, powered by deep learning, not only enables us to target high-performing users and inventory but also ensures that we do so while maintaining KPIs.

Curation has quickly become one of my favorite products due to its ability to drive efficient ROAs, cost per visits, and benefit advertisers who aim to achieve specific KPIs or who are seeking to bring self-optimizing media buying to their chosen DSP. Once clients choose to work with us, the activation process is seamless, allowing marketers to manage multiple campaigns with reduced effort while efficiently driving conversions. Thanks to the smart and predictive training of the algorithm, Curation can quickly identify valuable ad opportunities and direct them to their chosen DSP, resulting in conversions. This ensures that we reach the user at the best moment and reduce wasted impressions. The product’s unique capabilities stem from its ability to track nearly any KPI, its lack of fixed audience segments or premiums, and the freedom it gives in selecting impressions using dynamic combinations of user characteristics. 

At Cognitiv, we take immense pride in delivering excellent service to our clients. In addition to troubleshooting deals, and providing an intelligence suite and user-friendly interface for tracking campaign performance, Curation has consistently surpassed expectations. It has helped clients achieve lower-funnel goals, exceed numerical targets, and effectively scale their campaigns to meet budget objectives. 

Curation stands as a testament to Cognitiv’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the realm of AI-driven marketing. With its ability to optimize media spend, predict conversion probabilities, and deliver impressive results, Curation proves to be a vital tool for marketers seeking cost-effective solutions without compromising performance. 

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