HPE is ushering in a wave of digital transformation, starting with customer-first, data-driven marketing

February 16, 2022, 02:02

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is a technology company focused heavily on cloud services, software, and technology infrastructure, known for their innovation. 

Jim Jackson, CMO at HPE sat down with Cognitiv’s CEO and Co-Founder Jeremy Fain to discuss how they’re carving out an entire new category for edge-to-cloud services and the role that digital-first marketing plays in that. 

A Customer-Centric Approach

HPE operates with a very customer-centric approach which helps to fuel business and marketing decisions. This is key for the company as they create a new market category to meet evolving client needs.  As Jackson notes, his primary role is to be a steward of the customer, understanding their needs and helping to demonstrate how they can go further and faster with data and technology. 

He likes to think of this with three principles: 

  1. 1. Easy to Find: or being easy to understand by cutting through the noise. Having clear positioning on what we can bring to customers and how we can help them. 
  2. 2. Easy to Mind:  meeting the customer where they are, and making it easy for customers to buy when they’re in the buying mode. 
  3. 3. Easy to Relate: being more relatable to customers.

An Integrated Marketing Mix 

Creating market demand for an entirely new category requires thorough marketing and education of the challenges and opportunities. A big component of HPE’s marketing is ensuring that every single campaign is a fully integrated approach and covers a wide range of channels including programmatic, search, social, and more traditional methods like television advertising. 

HPE leverages marketing to drive broader end-to-end engagement, with a digital and data-driven approach that hits the entire top to bottom of the sales funnel. While traditional channels like TV can be great for building broad awareness for the brand, it is essential that the team leverages every element in the media mix to drive results and position the company as the edge-to-cloud company. 

To learn more about HPE and their marketing approach, listen to the full podcast here

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