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Context GPT

Moving beyond words to find meaning.

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Our GPT-powered contextual platform allows users to build custom prompts unique to their brand, adjust relevancy and scale of results to improve outcomes, and activate as a PMP in the DSP of their choice.

Brand Alignment

Ensure your messaging appears on content that aligns with your brand values.

Scalability & Safety

Avoid limitations or inaccuracies of segments built by keywords.

Precise Targeting

Connect with audiences as they engage, guaranteeing your message is showing up in timely and relevant places.

Advanced Product Features

Custom Prompts, Inclusivity & Diversity

New and innovative solutions for authentic engagement.

Build your custom prompts within Context GPT and define your inclusivity and targeting parameters. With our technology's ability to understand language nuances and sentiment, uncovering the true meaning of the text, our offering will identify unique and relevant webpages that are aligned to engage your target audiences.

Context GPT has evolved contextual beyond basic keyword lists and domain matching.

  • Precisely engage your unique audiences in brand-aligned spaces
  • PMPs are updated in real-time
  • Human-like content categorization
  • Choose content relevancy and audience diversity
  • Transparency into the relevancy and scale of every URL
  • Designed for the cookieless future
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