Huuuge Games Bets Big on Data and Advertising

February 08, 2022, 07:02

How the Gaming Company Leverages Data and Advertising to Gain Competitive Edge

Huuuge Games is a free-to-play mobile game developer, most well-known for their two core products: Huuuge Casino and Billionaire Casino. With 92% of players solely utilizing the free functionality, how do they create lifetime users and make money? 

John Bellamy,  EVP of Strategy Investment at Huuuge Games, and Jeremy Fain, CEO and Co-Founder at Cognitiv, explored Huuuge’s unique approach to using data to improve their advertising during a recent episode of the Hidden Layers Podcast. 

Building a Social Ecosystem to Standout in the Gaming Industry  

The free-casino industry is immensely crowded with thousands of applications offering free-to-play games. One thing that makes Huuuge stand out is that they’ve built a stand-out  brand and they are well positioned as a leading social casino company. While most gaming programs are not actually offering social aspects to their users, Huuuge builds social experiences that bring users together and elongate the player lifecycle, without having to constantly create new content.  The products that Huuuge has built sets them apart by allowing users to easily interact with thousands of other users. This helps build a community that keeps players coming back. 

Optimizing Data for Tailored User Experiences

In order to create these communities that encourage interaction, while also delivering custom experiences, Huuuge leverages their platform data to develop custom experiences that can speak to different types of users. 

Based on early game behavioral activities, they build unique personas and identify how to best advertise to each, developing curated experiences for thousands of player types.

“If you’re building something that is intrinsically social, you need to be able to have comparable game experiences that can be talked about and enjoyed within groups. But also kind of different and bespoke enough that they serve individuals effectively,” said Bellamy. 

Omni-Channel Approach to Customer Acquisition:

To find the right audience, Bellamy shares that Huuuge takes a broad approach to their advertising strategy. With a team of nearly 100 individuals across the organization, they are able to focus on incorporating programmatic, search and social, and retargeting elements to their approach.

Bellamy notes that a singular approach can no longer be the key to success in the gaming industry; “The days of just pumping money into a Facebook campaign and hoping you’ll get sales, those are well and truly behind us now. And barriers to entry in gaming are a little bit higher today than they were in 2015, which is no bad thing, it just means that in order to compete you kind of need to be more sophisticated than you used to.”

To learn more about Huuuge Games and their use of marketing and data, listen to the full podcast, here

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