Cognitiv Releases Inclusivity and Diversity Features

October 05, 2023, 10:10

This week we launched two new features built on top of our deep learning contextual capability: Inclusivity and Diversity.

These new features deliver a transformational approach to D&I media buying based on GPT AI. Advertisers get a truly transparent solution to reach inclusive content and diverse audiences more accurately and at scale. It’s powered by real-time updates using Dynamic Deal IDs, so advertisers can keep up with evolving content consumption patterns of their target audience.

Inclusivity: Buy media only on inclusive and neutral content, aligning media buying with specific brand values and D&I goals.

Diversity: Increase reach and scale beyond segment targeting by focusing on pages with visitors who align with diverse audience goals.

For any advertiser looking to align their messaging with inclusive content and reach diverse audiences more effectively, the currently available tools are limiting. Keyword and URL targeting offers a blunt instrument while audience segments can be opaque and outdated.

Cognitiv’s AI delivers a much more nuanced solution that helps brands with both precision and scale.

Here’s how it works:

Built on Top of Context GPT – Our Contextual Targeting Solution Powered by GPT AI

Our new Inclusivity and Diversity features are part of Context GPT, our unique contextual targeting product that uses GPT AI to learn more about every page than any other offering on the market. GPT is a large language model that can “read” the content on a page with incredible richness, which allows us to create extremely accurate targeting in ways that keyword and URL targeting simply can’t do. 

Context GPT has an easy-to-use UI that works similarly to a chatbot. Advertisers can enter information into a prompt, such as their targeting strategy, and Context will build a custom target list of URLs that an advertiser can review in real-time. They can change their prompt to change the URL list, increase precision, or increase scale.

Inclusivity: Buy More Relevant, Brand Suitable Content

We define Inclusivity using the definition from the Linguistic Society of America Inclusivity: language that acknowledges diversity, conveys respect to all people, is sensitive to differences and promotes equal opportunities.

Buying based on inclusivity not only unlocks more content for advertisers, it also helps them align their media buying with their creative messaging, brand suitability and help reach their DE&I media buying goals. 

Brand Suitability: Buy media that is inclusive or neutral while avoiding media that is scored as non-inclusive. Use prompts to add custom brand suitability requirements to get a tailored list of URLs. 

Creative Alignment: Advertisers agonize over creative design to craft a specific message. Cognitiv’s Inclusivity feature can understand creative messaging and find sites that are matched in sentiment, topic and much more.

Increased Scale: Advertisers can confidently increase the scope of their approved media lists. Cognitiv’s deep learning understands the nuances of every URL to unlock content that a keyword block might unfairly block.

Diversity: Reach More Relevant Audiences

If you have DE&I media buying goals, chances are you’re buying specific audience segments and websites, but are running up against issues like scale and over-exposure. Cognitiv’s Diversity feature helps brands reach audiences on relevant content in new places. 

We offer a  better understanding of content and marry that rich insight with site visitor data to help you reach more diverse audiences.

Reach More of The Right People: Not everyone fits into a target segment. Our AI is combined with demographic information on sites across the web to help you find opportunities to increase your reach. 

Move With Your Audience: Our deep learning model has an understanding of the audience on every site and can move with seasonality, current events, cultural shifts and more.

Cognitiv Delivers Higher Performance With Transparency, Flexibility and AI

We designed our new Inclusivity and Diversity features as a seamless enhancement to our Context GPT tool to deliver something unlike any other targeting product on the market. Our aim is to address a market shortfall for advertisers who are putting substantial effort into creating diverse and inclusive messages, but cannot be certain that these communications are delivered to the right target audience or aligned with the content they were crafted for.

Smart: There’s a lot of AI out there, but deep learning is proven to deliver incredible nuance and understanding that gives you significantly more relevance and accuracy. 

Transparent: We deliver the full URL list to you right in the tool as soon as you enter a prompt. Looking for sites that are inclusive and friendly? We’ll let you browse every URL that our product selects.

Flexible: You can use natural language to “talk” to our product and get exactly what you want. You can dial up precision or scale, or prioritize one element over another and immediately see how it changes your targets. 

Real-Time: Get the most updated information right in your Deal ID. We automatically update and feed it through for you.

Tactics and goals can be fluid Layering things like purchase intent can help craft a more performant media list, for example. Just provide a requirement for a specific demographic, we can target that group, and add prompts around specific content that people might be visiting to indicate purchase intent. You can dial up precision and scale using the sliders on the UI to get the right fit for your needs. We are excited to be a part of the next-generation of media buying.

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