You Don’t Need an Advanced Marketing Team to Use Deep Learning

January 27, 2021, 04:01

For marketers, the very thought of implementing deep learning might sound intimidating, but that could not be further from the truth. In fact, companies do not need a data science team – or even prior experience with artificial intelligence – to start leveraging deep learning within their organizations. Even the most unsophisticated marketing teams can use deep learning to their success, as long as they invest in the right deep learning tools. 

One of the most common questions I get from marketers is, “Will I have to hire a whole new team just for deep learning?” The answer is no: with a custom-built artificial neural network, all you have to do is provide your unique data through a pixel or a file, and it will automatically start optimizing for your chosen key performance indicator (KPI), whether you are looking to acquire new customers or increase the lifetime value of existing ones – no data science or advanced marketing team required. 

How does it do this? The process is similar to look-alike modeling, in that the neural network will analyze your first-party data in order to identify patterns in the behavior of your existing customers, and then apply these insights to the general national population in order to determine who among them would be most likely to carry out the desired action. For instance, if your goal is to increase conversions, the network will identify people within your current client base who share common characteristics or behaviors, and then extrapolate these findings to new clusters of potential customers to find those individuals most likely to make a purchase. Moreover, the neural network is able to do this on its own, without any outside assistance or intervention. It teaches itself how to do it!

To put it even more simply, deep learning helps marketers do their jobs better. Deep learning assists marketers by automatically optimizing their advertising spend in real-time – which is vital at a time when budgets and teams are stretched thin. It helps marketers find new customers more efficiently, and determine the ideal method of targeting them. Deep learning algorithms are capable of learning from their mistakes, meaning they get more efficient and effective over time.

At Cognitiv, we have invested a lot of time and resources into research and development to ensure that our products are not only the most advanced and effective of their kind, but also easy to use and implement, even for marketers without any familiarity with artificial intelligence or programmatic. Our goal is to be plug-and-play, and to show you that the power of deep learning can increase the effectiveness of your marketing without making it more complicated.

Deep learning is already playing a vital role in many industries, from finance to automotive to retail. Ultimately, businesses that invest in next-generation tools and innovative technology are the ones able to outperform their competitors. Deep learning does not have to be complicated to use; what matters are the results it is able to provide.

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