Cognitiv's advantage

Just like the human brain, our NeuralMindTM gets smarter and more accurate as it gains more experience.

What you get

Plug-and-play products with custom AI
Algorithms tailored for your individual brand and KPIs
Optimized advertising that accurately predicts consumer behaviors and improves performance

Innovative performance solutions


You decide your KPI. Your algorithm bids programmatically to reach or exceed your KPI goal. We implement and manage your campaign from start to finish.
Leverages first-party data to build your own unique artificial intelligence
Evaluates impressions based on desired KPI to drive greater ad efficiencies
Delivers end-to-end, autonomous deep learning buying algorithms that deliver vastly improved ROI


Ensure your ad campaigns create true, new customer conversions with the first-ever deep learning platform that helps marketers accurately achieve consistent, scalable incremental lift.
First marketing technology to run multiple neural networks at once, in real-time, to more accurately predict whether an impression will deliver not only a conversion, but a conversion that would not have already occurred without additional marketing
Increases improved measurement of ad effectiveness
Boosts scale, efficiency, and profitability of marketing campaigns


You decide your KPI. Your algorithm identifies users, and creates a custom audience segment most likely to help you reach or exceed your KPI. Afterwards, insert the segments into your marketing campaigns and run them against your current segments to see the dramatic difference in results.
Leverage first-party data to build your own unique artificial intelligence
Identifies high value users in a more effective and efficient manner
Simple, quick activation within DSP or DMP environments with daily updates


Optimize your Google Ads campaigns in real-time with the first-ever deep learning search optimization platform - to better reach your target audience, and receive insights into what is working and what is not.
Automates and optimizes bids in real-time based on internal goals (CPC, conversions, revenue, etc.) and external factors (time of day, weather, location)
Adjust creative depending on performance, location, and other metrics
Easily plugs into Google Ads
Cognitiv believes every marketer deserves their own custom AI.
Traditionally, bringing impactful deep learning to marketing in a scalable and cost-effective way has been a challenge. The reality is that today, achieving total differentiation is rare. Despite the fact that brands have distinctive goals, KPIs and targets, companies are commonly plugged into the same inventory sources, algorithms and bidding strategies.

Cognitiv approaches marketing from a holistic optimization perspective rather than a series of siloed optimizations. NeuralMind™, Cognitiv’s neural network platform, delivers accurate answers all at once by combining cutting-edge machine learning with first party and proprietary data, as well as agile algorithms that have been built from the ground up. The platform predicts thousands of inputs, including time, context, user history, and weather, all at once.

At Cognitiv, we have created a deep learning platform and real-time execution system that gives marketers an undeniable competitive edge. NeuralMind™ creates custom bidding methodologies and algorithms that autonomously learn and evolve over time, driving superior results for brands - no data scientists required.
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