Deep Learning for
Performance Advertising


Deep Learning for
Performance Advertising

We build custom algorithms to deliver ads your current and prospective customers actually want to see.

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Drive better outcomes to future-proof the success of your business.

  • Optimize media spend
  • Measure ROI
  • Incrementality at scale
  • Maximize first-party data
  • Discover audience segments
  • Activate customers’ path to purchase
About Deep Learning
Source: Cognitiv Client Data
About Deep Learning

What is deep learning?

Deep learning refers to the use of multi-layer artificial neural networks to train custom algorithms directly from data.

Artificial neural networks are modeled after structures in the human brain, and as a machine learning tool they are able to discover complex patterns in data that humans and older machine learning techniques are unable to find.

These pattern recognition abilities now allow computers to perform tasks that were previously impossible, which is one reason the term Artificial Intelligence is once again in vogue.

Leveraging large amounts of data, Cognitiv’s NeuralMind platform uses deep learning to accurately predict consumer behavior and deliver measurable performance from the leading artificial intelligence marketing company.

From self-driving cars and voice search to weather prediction and health care advancements, deep learning is powering innovation across industries.

Predict Future Actions

Analyze audience interests at a granular level.

Drive Conversions at Scale

Optimize offers to engage audiences through path to purchase.

Real-Time Performance

Drive action in real-time rather than weeks or months.

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First-Party Data

First-Party Data

We ingest your first-party data to build a custom algorithm unique to your brand and campaign goals.

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Custom Algorithms

Custom Deep Learning Algorithms

Better predict your target audience and drive conversions.

A custom deep learning algorithm decides who to show an advertisement at the ideal moment, selecting the specific type, placement, and time. This targeted approach uses first-party, deterministic data to autonomously train a model tailored to the unique business challenges marketers set out to solve. These algorithms improve overtime, understand complex data patterns, reasoning with speed, efficiency, and at scale.

Learn more about how our custom deep learning algorithms can help you discover new customers and drive business.

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Increase your spend to get results that scale across all channels.


Target your desired KPIs. Algorithms evolve behaviour based feedback.


Reach the right audience, in the right place, with the right message, at the right time.


Profit from algorithms that adapt in real-time.

Hands-on support

Client Services

We partner directly with our clients to educate their teams on deep learning, teaching them how to accelerate their performance with our technology. Our hands-on support and personalized solutions ensure each brand’s performance is optimized to its full potential as we ready the client for this new era in marketing.

Integrated Partner

Dedicated data scientists and deep learning experts embed with your data analytics and marketing teams to educate on deep learning and provide strategic consultation on marketing performance.

Managed Services

From onboarding through post campaign analysis, our experts deliver comprehensive support tailored to your goals and key performance indicators.

Optimization & Analytics

On-demand insights, analytics, and campaign metrics, all in real-time. Custom reporting delivered across all strategies, breaking down how and where Cognitiv’s technology is achieving your goals.

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