Contextual Connections

February 09, 2024, 10:02

The Symbiotic Relationship Between Advertising & Valentine’s Day

What do advertising and Valentine’s Day have in common? Both thrive on creating and cultivating emotions. They tap into the cultural and societal context of expressing and celebrating love.

Every day, advertisers are putting themselves out there. Their hope is that with the right messaging, they orchestrate connections between eager hearts and desirable products. But without the right context, sentiment can fall flat. What advertisers need is a modern-day matchmaker, someone to identify people with common ground, find the right moment, and allow sparks to fly. 

Context holds great significance for Cognitiv. Every day, our technology uses contextual understanding to analyze page content, ensuring that our clients’ advertisements appear on pages that resonate seamlessly with their brand identity, values, and overall sentiment. Our GPT-powered contextual platform allows users to build custom prompts unique to their brand, adjusting relevancy and scale of results to improve outcomes, and activate as a PMP in the DSP of their choice.

To celebrate this intersection between our passion for context and Valentine’s Day, the Cognitiv team is hosting events in both Chicago and NYC next week. In Chicago, we are hosting A Valentine’s Day Shopping Affair, where we have invited our guests to a curated jewelry shopping experience, perfect for gifting a romantic love or leaning into some “self-love.” While in New York, we are hosting a Valentine’s Day Bloom Bar, where guests will select a beautifully curated bouquet – showcasing florals with a neutral color palette inspired by decadent treats like extra dark chocolate, chocolate covered strawberries, bourbon and champagne bubbles.

Instead of exclusively emphasizing romantic love with these events, we’re celebrating the many types of meaningful connections in our lives. Jewelry and flowers are a gift that go beyond traditional romantic contexts. Both can revolve around expressing care, brightening a day, or simply letting someone know they are valued. 

When my team sat down to conceptualize this event, we wanted to focus on a more neutralized sentiment — making Valentine’s Day not just a romantic love holiday, but a celebration of all the different kinds of love we can experience. 

When it comes to advertising, it’s about seeking to understand who your customers really are, meeting them where they are, and capturing their attention in meaningful ways that compel them to take action — on Valentine’s Day or any day. So wherever your heart is today as a consumer, advertiser, influencer, introvert or anywhere in between, join us in expanding the meaning of the holiday. This Valentine’s Day celebrates self love affairs, lighthearted love, true friendships, and is a day for blooms beyond romance, as we move towards acknowledging the value of simply nurturing our connections…whatever the context. 

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