The Value of Innovation in Marketing

February 08, 2023, 08:02

Technological advancements seem to be jumping ahead by leaps and bounds these days. That is because deep learning is becoming more embedded into everything we use in our daily lives. From self-driving cars and voice search to weather prediction and healthcare advancements, applied artificial neural networks (deep learning) are significantly outperforming human benchmarks across industries and driving the largest innovation gains in decades.

Despite being labeled as a buzzword for a period of time, AI adoption has more than doubled in the last five years, and programs like ChatGPT are entering the mainstream very quickly. In marketing, artificial intelligence is finally gaining significant recognition as a solution to improve customer experience and ROI. 

Generative AI is the current hot topic but it is only one piece of a complex AI landscape. Cognitiv is the first company to bring deep learning, the most advanced form of AI, to the marketing landscape.  We provide marketers with a solution that offers custom, self-driving algorithms – unique to the brand and its goals – for performance advertising campaigns. Fortune 500 companies, all the way down to independent retailers, are now utilizing deep learning to drive campaign results and gain a more thorough understanding of their audience with our AI applications. Precise targeting that considers the user, context, message and campaign objectives can be determined through our custom algorithms automatically.  Delivering the right message, to the right person, in the right place, at the right time, is finally possible with these high-speed, real-time buying algorithms.

In pursuit of our passion to drive marketing innovation further, we released two new offerings last year – Cognitiv Curation and Cognitiv Performance CTV. Cognitiv Curation delivers our self-learning algorithms through a real-time Private Marketplace (PMP), perfect for brands and agencies that need to use specific DSPs. These algorithms are able to change in real-time to automatically optimize a campaign, learning successful and unsuccessful outcomes through advanced data science. Additionally, we brought our deep learning technology to the CTV space with the launch of Cognitiv Performance CTV. Helping marketers to drive superior campaigns, our solution first deterministically connects CTV exposures with corresponding online actions. Then, our algorithms uncover complex patterns in the data to find net new consumers who display similar patterns.

Finally, as a result of our continued innovation, we are honored to be named one of the Most Innovative Companies of the Year in the Bronze category by the Best in Biz Awards. This award adds to our stack of industry recognition and further validates that deep learning is the solution to the pain points plaguing marketers.

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