Redefining Advertising & The Power of Invention 

April 17, 2024, 01:04

Deep learning gives advertisers more time to focus on new challenges, more chances to think up new ideas, and more ways to grow their business. Cognitiv’s recent brand campaign highlights the incredible outcomes possible when you “reclaim your brain.” Many of the outcomes showcased, such as Invention, Collaboration, Reflection, Transformation, and Inclusion are also part of the fabric of our brand values. In this series, we look inward, with team leaders highlighting how these words and outcomes are brought to life within our own walls.

In the ever-evolving digital advertising landscape, staying ahead of the curve is not just a strategy but a necessity. Today, I am excited to share more about the work that our powerhouse team of engineers has put into our innovative technology and how our team navigates the industry’s complexities with unparalleled agility and precision.

The Relentless Pursuit of Innovation

At the heart of Cogntiv’s success lies the relentless pursuit of innovation and invention, as exemplified by the most recent groundbreaking strides in our contextual advertising product, Context GPT. Advances in contextual advertising, enabled by AI, are fundamentally redefining the landscape. The ability to understand the nuance and sentiment of content is transforming the way brands and consumers are able to connect, while also enabling more inclusive advertising. 

As the first Deep Learning Advertising Platform offering advertisers unprecedented flexibility and outcomes, Cognitiv has invented a new era of advertising efficacy. Our remarkable clients and partners are committed to embracing invention and innovation, which continues to be essential to the evolution of our products and features. This is because what we build is based on ongoing conversations around solving problems and creating solutions for advertisers in our ever-evolving industry, with rapidly advancing technology powering that constant evolution. 

Driving Technological Advancement 

What truly sets Cognitiv apart is our collaborative spirit and processes, as outlined in our VP of Human Resources, Jason’s recent piece on our blog. This level of collaboration directly impacts our ability to innovate and invent. Some of our most significant progress on inventive ideas has emerged from collaboration at our biannual leadership offsites. There, ideas are born, iterated, and nurtured, challenges are identified and conquered, and solutions are created together. These offsites provide a fusion of insights from different departments and the space to dig more deeply into client insights and challenges, leading to game-changing innovations like our Cognitiv Curation and Context GPT advertising products.

The Inventive Advantage

The Engineering team constantly gathers feedback from employees, clients, and partners at large. We then explore ways to problem-solve and enhance our offerings for a more effective, enhanced advertising experience, working closely with the Data Science team every step of the way. There is a seamless synergy between our two teams, particularly when it comes to bringing big ideas to life in a technical way. From the visionary concepts of leaders like Dr. Aaron Andalman, our Chief Science Officer, to the meticulous execution by the Engineering team, every success story is a testament to strong relationships and a collective desire to innovate.

A great example of these efforts is the diversity and inclusion features we introduced to our contextual capabilities at Cognitiv in 2023. These features deliver a transformational approach to D&I media buying based on GPT AI. They came to life via extraordinary cross-department collaboration, leading to the development of features that empower advertisers to buy more relevant, inclusive, brand-suitable content at scale.

In essence, Cognitiv’s journey is about redefining what is possible and bringing intelligence to advertising. It is a testament to the transformative power of innovation, collaboration, and unwavering dedication—a narrative that inspires and propels the industry towards a brighter, More Inventiv future.

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