Curated Marketplaces and Dynamic PMPs: The Future of Media Trading

December 16, 2021, 03:12

The current state of manual optimization

Programmatic ad spend continues to accelerate, reaching an estimated $80 billion in 2021 according to eMarketer. With this growth comes additional challenges as marketers look for automated solutions to reach relevant audiences in effective ways at scale.

While programmatic helps to automate the buying and selling process for both advertisers and publishers, manual optimization is still the main way that traders manage campaigns. However, manual optimization has significant limitations. It is extremely time consuming to manage, taking days or weeks to validate and execute. Traders also have serious time constraints, often managing multiple campaigns simultaneously, which means they  can typically only dedicate the bulk of their efforts to their most important campaigns/clients. Lastly, manual optimized tactics and audiences are not scalable.

The ability to reach the right audience, in the right place, at the right time and in the right context has felt unattainable…until now.

Introducing Curated Marketplaces and Dynamic PMPs

In our recent Adweek webinar, Cognitiv’s CEO & Co-Founder, Jeremy Fain and Xandr’s Senior Director of Product Management, Ben Kneen explored challenges currently facing media buyers and traders, sharing a new approach to more effectively manage these processes.

The conversation focused on how these market-ready solutions:

  • – Leverage curated deals to reach key audiences without relying on third-party cookies
  • – Optimize results in real-time with deep learning
  • – Can be easily implemented and used with any DSP

View the full webinar, and learn more about curated marketplaces and Dynamic PMPs here

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