Retargeting and Performance Deliver eCommerce Purchases and Efficient ROAS

Overview Client
Industry Mattress Company
Program Application Display and Video
Product Cognitiv Performance (2020), Cognitiv Retargeting (2020), Cognitiv Incrementality (2021)
Key Business Challenge

Identify new customer segments

Improve effectiveness

Optimize programmatic spend to drive online conversions

Client objective

Casper wanted to drive efficient Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for eCommerce purchases made on

High-level Results
0 x

ROAS during initial pilot campaign

0 %

Increase in Retargeting conversion rate

0 %

Decrease in CPA

0 x

Single highest daily ROAS

The Story
The Story

Exceptional performance with a high of 69X ROAS.

Casper started with a combination of Retargeting and Performance. The campaign delivered exceptionally strong results, and Cognitiv was recognized as the top Retargeting partner on plan.

After a successful 6-month pilot, Cognitiv began working with Casper’s media agency and started testing Cognitiv Incrementality in early 2021.

  • Developed custom deep learning models to buy programmatic display advertising and optimize for performance goals (CPA and ROAS)
  • Leveraged Cognitiv Identity Graph and proprietary feature sets to outperform traditional display partners
  • Used experimentation to test new models and validate results; worked with Casper’s agency to design new deep learning applications
  • Cognitiv began with a mix of Retargeting and Performance, delivering promising early results after just 30 days
  • Once new models were implemented, ROAS catapulted to 20x; within 45 days, ROAS grew to 28x with a single day high of 69x
  • Wanting to test the scale of the results, Casper increased budget 4x; Cognitiv was still able to deliver a higher ROAS than traditional programmatic partners
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