Cognitiv for Challenger Brands

Deep Learning AI
Takes Your Brand
to the Top

Cognitiv for Challenger Brands Win Customers & Scale Your Business

Deep Learning AI
Takes Your Brand
to the Top

How Challenger and DTC brands can use custom algorithms to acquire new customers, and gain market share.

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For brands who put up a fight
For brands who put up a fight

Challenger &
DTC Brands

Challenger and direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands have been at the forefront of customer acquisition. But the days of relying solely on social and search are over due to skyrocketing costs, lack of scale and various walled garden challenges.

Instead, they’re turning to advances in AI in the form of deep learning to proactively and efficiently deliver new customers at scale, lower their customer acquisition costs, improve retargeting and retain high-value customers.

Challenges of Customer Acquisition

  • Customer Acquisition Costs are Greater Than Revenue
  • Inability to Scale
  • Measuring the Cost of Customer Acquisition
  • Manual and Rudimentary AI is Ineffective
Deep Learning AI

Deep Learning: Your Secret Weapon

Deliver impactful marketing and powerful performance through the power of deep learning AI.

Cognitiv automates AI-powered advertising building custom algorithms for DTC and Challenger brands looking to acquire new customers, generate brand awareness and measure marketing impact.

Efficient CAC

Significantly reduce your customer acquisition costs


Customized, scalable audience segments

Accurate Measurement

Accurately measure the cost of customer acquisition

Advanced AI

Adaptive deep learning algorithms built on first-party data

Brands use NeuralMind to:

Better predict consumer behavior

Deliver incremental customers

Drive down customer acquisition cost (CAC)

Increase customer lifetime value (LTV)

Core Platform


NeuralMind™, Cognitiv’s proprietary deep learning marketing platform, builds custom algorithms that simultaneously drive down CAC while scaling.

By combining your first-party deterministic data with advanced processing techniques, these algorithms are able to self learn and optimize to a client’s key performance indicators (KPIs), predicting consumer behavior in order to drive full-funnel marketing performance at scale.

Learn how you can use deep learning to efficiently acquire new customers and drive performance outcomes at scale. Let's talk
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