Rosé / Not Rosé!
Rosé / Not Rosé!

Cannes you believe Cannes Lions is back?

Capture the festivities with Cognitiv’s
“Rosé / Not Rosé!”

Our award-winning app was created to highlight everyone’s favorite Cannes drink: Rosé! Experience deep learning’s powers of pattern recognition in a fun, shareable way.

Download our app and take a picture of your drink. Let the app tell you if it's Rosé or Not Rosé!

Here's what Captain Glenn Shephard has to say

Relaunching our award-winning app to be enjoyed aboard our yacht at Cannes Lions 2022, hear what Captain Glenn Shephard of Below Deck Sailing Yacht has to say about Cognitiv's app!

Watch Now

The award-winning app uses a custom deep learning algorithm to determine if the picture presented includes Rosé wine.

There are a number of other hidden identifications coded into the app for users to find with different subjects and drinks.

Users can see if they can stump the deep learning AI, then share with friends to celebrate the end of the Cannes hiatus!

Follow along on social media using our hashtag #RoseNotRose

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