Not going to Cannes in 2020? No problem!

Recapture a little of the fun with Cognitiv’s “Rosé / Not Rosé!” 

It’s the app created to highlight the fan-favorite Cannes drink, while showcasing deep learning’s powers of pattern recognition in a fun, shareable way.
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Let the app tell you if it's Rosé or NOT Rosé!

There are a number of other hidden identifications coded into the app for users to find with different subjects and drinks.
See if you can stump the deep learning AI, and then, of course, share your results with friends who are also missing the ultimate gathering in advertising and the south of France this year.

Follow hashtag #RoseNotRose

Wait, there's more!

We all miss Cannes, but until we can go back at least we can pretend to be there on our endless Zoom calls!  Enjoy these Zoom backgrounds from @TeamCognitiv

Cognitiv believes every marketer deserves their own custom AI.
Traditionally, bringing impactful deep learning to marketing in a scalable and cost-effective way has been a challenge. The reality is that today, achieving total differentiation is rare. Despite the fact that brands have distinctive goals, KPIs and targets, companies are commonly plugged into the same inventory sources, algorithms and bidding strategies.

Cognitiv approaches marketing from a holistic optimization perspective rather than a series of siloed optimizations. NeuralMind™, Cognitiv’s neural network platform, delivers accurate answers all at once by combining cutting-edge machine learning with first party and proprietary data, as well as agile algorithms that have been built from the ground up. The platform predicts thousands of inputs, including time, context, user history, and weather, all at once.

At Cognitiv, we have created a deep learning platform and real-time execution system that gives marketers an undeniable competitive edge. NeuralMind™ creates custom bidding methodologies and algorithms that autonomously learn and evolve over time, driving superior results for brands - no data scientists required.
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