Meet the Team


CEO & co-founder
Jeremy Fain is the CEO and co-founder of Cognitiv. With over 20 years of interactive experience across agency, publisher, and ad tech management, Jeremy led North American Accounts for Rubicon Project before founding Cognitiv. At Rubicon Project, Jeremy was responsible for global market success of over 400 media companies and 500 demand partners through Real-Time-Bidding, new product development, and other revenue strategies, ensuring interactive buyers and sellers could take full advantage of automated transactions. Prior to Rubicon Project, Jeremy served as Director of Network Solutions for CBS Interactive. With oversight of a $30 million+ P&L, Jeremy was responsible for development, execution and management of data-driven solutions across CBS Interactive’s network of branded sites, including audience targeting, private exchange, and custom audience solutions. Prior to CBS, Jeremy served as Vice President of Industry Services for the IAB, where he shaped interactive industry policy, standards, and best practices, such as the first VAST standard and the Tc&Cs 3.0, by working on a daily basis with all the major media companies as well as all the agency holding companies. Jeremy Fain attended Yale University where he graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering and Columbia Business School where he received his MBA.


CTO & co-founder
Marc Hudacsko is the CTO and co-founder of Cognitiv and is responsible for the company’s technology platform and deep learning algorithm development. As a serial entrepreneur and veteran engineer, Marc has led global engineering teams for decades. Before founding Cognitiv, Marc led the Business Intelligence unit at SunEdison, where he was responsible for internal management and reporting systems and for migrating SunEdison's internal systems from internal data centers. Marc also managed multiple globally distributed software and product management teams. Previously, Marc co-founded machine learning startup DigiDelve and served as a Senior Consultant at InfoReliance. He earned his Bachelor's in Physics from the University of Maryland.


CSO & co-founder
Aaron Andalman is the CSO and co-founder of Cognitiv. As a startup veteran, top CS graduate from Stanford, and PhD in Neuroscience from M.I.T., Aaron specialized in neural networks at Stanford for six years before founding Cognitiv. As a Postdoctoral Scholar, Aaron was awarded the prestigious Helen Hay Whitney Fellowship and focused on developing advanced computational microscopy methods and data analysis techniques to better understand learning and memory. In the process of earning his PhD at MIT, Aaron discovered two fundamental functions of cortical-basal ganglia neural circuits for the acquisition of new motor skills; techniques included in-vivo awake-behaving electrophysiology, localized pharmacological manipulation, light field microscopy, optogenetics, two-photon microscopy, and computational modeling with recurrent neural networks. Aaron’s research on learning in neural systems is published in several prestigious journals (Cell, Science, Nature, PNAS) and has been recognized with national and international awards and fellowships. Aaron’s academic background is complemented by his experience as an engineer at the successful startup Financial Engines.
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