Cognitiv Wins 2019 AI TechAward for Best Neural Network Technology

New York, NY - October 9, 2019 - Cognitiv, the first self-learning, fully automated neural network technology available for marketers, today announced its NeuralMind™platform has won the 2019 AI TechAward in the category of “Best Neural Network Technology”.  The 2019 AI Tech Awards celebrate technical innovation, adoption and reception in the AI, Machine Learning & Data Science industry by the developer community. Winners will be recognized at a ceremony during AI DevWorld on October 10th, in San Jose.  

“We are thrilled to have been recognized by the machine learning community as an innovator and for our efforts to bring deep learning to the marketing industry,” said Jeremy Fain, CEO and co-founder of Cognitiv. “Our mission is to help marketer’s make smarter, more efficient use of their resources by using deep learning and Big Data to better predict consumer behavior.  The traditionally manual process that marketers currently rely on when targeting and converting customers is too complex. It is contingent on sifting through huge data sets from multiple sources to inform their decisions and is ultimately inefficient. Cognitiv’s neural network algorithms uniquely leverage deep learning, provide a new approach to pacing, pricing and incrementality, and better predict customer conversion.”

Using a marketer's own Big Data, Cognitiv’s Deep Learning platform, NeuralMind predicts what current and potential customers will do when exposed to marketing messaging. First-party customer data is pumped into Cognitiv's NeuralMind platform and deep neural networks are automatically created, trained, and executed based on a desired outcome. The platform ensures that neural networks are constantly learning and adapting, producing more accurate results. 

“Cognitiv is a great example of the newest AI & Machine Learning technologies now allowing developers & engineers to build upon the burgeoning AI industry. Today’s cloud-based software and hardware increasingly runs on systems needing increased data and intelligence, and Cognitiv's win here at the 2019 AI TechAwards is evidence of their leading role in the growth of the AI ecosystem,” said Jonathan Pasky, Executive Producer & Co-Founder of DevNetwork, producer of AI Dev World & the 2019 AI TechAwards.

About Cognitiv Cognitiv is the first marketing AI company to offer plug-and-play products that enable marketers to improve results through customized algorithms. Cognitiv provides self-learning, fully automated deep neural network technology for multi-touch, full-funnel marketing. Cognitiv allows marketers to predict customer behavior and more accurately target potential customers, improving ROI on ad spend. As the only company that provides custom deep learning algorithms to brands, Cognitiv's solutions have been shown to be up to 20 times more efficient than standard industry practice. Learn more at cognitiv.ai, follow us on Twitter @teamcognitiv, on LinkedIn, and on Facebook.

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